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Embittered students in South African protest naked over fees

(360 naija) No longer able to bear the constant school fees hike and police brutality, some South African students, took things into their hands and protested by stripping and baring their breasts.
The girls who have been dubbed the ‘Naked Protesters’ by the media, according to Times Live, reportedly stripped themselves of their blouses and bras as they confronted the police, saying they were tired of being brutalized and shot at by the officers in the protests march organized by the student body.
The ladies were seen with their hands across their heads, telling the police to stop shooting at them.
“It’s for free education. Stop shooting us‚ comrades. Cease fire‚ comrades. It’s for free education‚” the girls were heard chanting in the video.
There has been an ongoing protest by university students who disrupted classes on Tuesday, October 4, 2016, in the ongoing fees protests which have hit the universities in the past few weeks.
The unrest began when the education board in that country, announced on September 19 that fees will continue to rise with an 8% cap in 2017.

Since then, students from different universities have been staging protest marches, while some schools have been forced to close down with lectures disrupted.

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